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Kindred Essence brings you the potent scents of memory—a visit to grandma's house for the holidays; that unforgettable tropical vacation; the first kiss in mom's garden, or the first time they said, "I love you."

Experience the power of Scent

Mawuli Mens

Earthy woods, evocative spices, aromatic resins, and fiery and herbaceous tobacco – masculine scents for the body and home that take you on a journey of discovery.

From the people
From the people
AMAZING CANDLES! The cinnamon orange and mellow mood candles smell absolutely amazing. The candles create such a great aroma every time I light them. Definitely love them!!! Mellow mood is my favorite but they are both great scents!!!!
— Jeannine G.
From the people
OH MY WORD! This one is out of this world! It lingers on the skin and smells just heavenly. It lathers beautifully, and leaves me feeling beautiful.
— Kelly R.
From the people
I AM OBSESSED with the smell of this soap. It smells so clean. I brought the gift set this time and the body butter is so amazing and decadent! Loving the candle too.
— Dara S.
From the people
SMELLS SO GOOD. Making my living room fragrant even without being lit. Looks exactly as pictured.
— Brittany F.
From the people
This was purchased as a gift for my hubby and he loved it. AND I received a handwritten note; what a nice touch.
— Alexis N.

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Soy Candles

Reawaken memories of life’s fragrances as our soy candles fill your retreat and soul with deep evocative scents. For men and women.

Organic Body Butters

Experience luxurious skin care with our natural shea body butter; crafted with certified organic ingredients and infused with essential oils for an indulgent experience.

Pillar Candles

Transform your space with our diverse range of highly scented pillar candles; featuring vivid colors and redolent floral, fruity, herbal, and spicy fragrances,

Experience Life’s Fragrances