Valentine’s Day celebrates love and affection, an occasion when gestures of admiration and devotion take center stage. It’s also one of the most popular gifts giving holidays. Among the many options available to give to your loved ones, candles and roses stand out as timeless and heartfelt gifts, evoking romance and symbolizing deep affection. Why are both so popular? Here are our top three reasons.

1. Romantic Ambiance

Candles such as a Kindred Essence Rose Petals pillar set the stage for an intimate and romantic atmosphere, and a touch of magic. They have the unique ability to transform any space into a sanctuary of warmth, tranquility, and passion. The soft, flickering glow of a candle instantly sets a romantic ambiance, creating an atmosphere that invites closeness and connection.

Kindred Essence Rose Petals Pillar Candle

Whether scented or unscented, candles add a captivating charm to the occasion, making every moment together feel special and cherished. Combined with the timeless beauty of roses, the ambiance becomes an enchanting backdrop for heartfelt conversations and cherished moments between partners.

2. Symbolism of Love

Roses, especially red ones, are the quintessential symbol of love and passion. Their vibrant colors and delicate petals convey deep emotions, serving as a profound declaration of affection. The act of presenting a bouquet of roses signifies a timeless expression of love and admiration, expressing sentiments that words often struggle to articulate.

Kindred Essence Rose Petals Soy Candle

3. Lasting Impressions

Both candles and roses offer a lasting impact. While chocolates and other gifts may be fleeting, candles can be savored over multiple occasions, each time rekindling the emotions of Valentine’s Day. Similarly, a bouquet of roses, when cared for, can continue to bloom, serving as a reminder of enduring love and commitment long after Valentine's Day has passed.

In essence, the combination of candles and roses encapsulates the heart of romance, creating an enchanting environment and leaving a lasting impression that lingers far beyond the day itself. Their ability to evoke emotions, symbolize love, and sustain their charm make them an exceptional choice for celebrating and expressing your emotions.

At Kindred Essence, we have you covered on both fronts with our rose petals fragrance candles, soaps, body butters and gift sets. This Valentine’s Day, let candles and roses speak the language of your heart and ignite the passion in your relationship.



January 08, 2024

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