Kindred Essence is a small, Black-owned family brand of scented candles and natural bath and beauty products. Formerly known as JenSan Home and Body, its name was changed to Kindred Essence in August 2021.

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It all started with a candle…

Founded by sisters Jennifer and Sandra, Kindred Essence grew out of Jennifer’s love of candles. She was buying so many, that one day the thought occurred that perhaps she should try making some herself. So, after doing her research, and ordering supplies like wax, fragrance oils, etc. Jennifer got to work in her kitchen!

She started with container candles and gave some as gifts to friends and family members who were very enthusiastic with their feedback. Many suggested that she should sell the candles online. After discussing the idea with Sandra, the sisters decided to go into business together. Since that fateful day, the sisters have been bringing their unique yet sophisticated taste to handcrafted candles and have expanded to handmade soaps, body butters and scrubs.


Jennifer (left) is the creative force behind Kindred Essence, creating not only amazing scents, but also handcrafting most of the products. With a background in publishing, Sandra uses her business savvy and creative eye to help design products for Kindred Essence. She is also responsible for much of the company’s sales and marketing efforts.

Jennifer and Sandra

At Kindred Essence, we are strong believers in using as many natural ingredients as possible in our products. That’s why we use USDA Certified Organic oils and Shea Butter in our soaps and body butters. These are grown and produced in sustainable environments and purchased from Fair-Trade Cooperatives. Our products contain no harmful phthalates or parabens but only moisturizing oils that are good for your skin.


Raised in New York, we are current long-time residents of New Jersey. However, as kids born on the beautiful Caribbean Island of Barbados, we were strongly inspired by our mother and late grandmother. They instilled in us a strong sense of family, and an incredible work ethic.

Our mom is a first-class knitter and seamstress and made much of our clothing as children. In her 90s, she continues to knit on an almost daily basis—producing beautiful pieces for her family and friends. When we were sick our gran and mother would give us homemade remedies to cure our illnesses. Of course, as children, we thought these remedies tasted horrible, but they worked!

They were both also fantastic cooks and bakers and our gran even churned her own butter! We have fond memories of oiling her scalp with coconut or castor oil. She never used any processed store-bought products. These remembered experiences were part of our early exposure to natural, handmade products.

Barbados is an island of colors and fragrances. From its beautiful blue seas and white sandy beaches to its profusion of greenery and colorful floral and plant life with their abundant fragrances, the island has been a source of inspiration for us. The beautiful colors are incorporated into our products, website and packaging design and the evocative scents of nature can be found in our products including our Bajan Breeze and Paradise soy candles.

Pride of Barbados



Our mission is to consistently create exceptional handmade candles and bath and body products using high quality essential oils and fragrances and natural ingredients that inspire our customers to take a moment to pamper their body and senses

Bajan Breeze Tropical Soy Candle