The journey begins with family. Kindred Essence is a small Black-owned brand of handmade candles, and natural bath and beauty products. Formerly known as JenSan Home and Body, our name was changed to Kindred Essence in August 2021.


Handmade Cinnamon Orange Soy Candle

It all started with a candle…

Founded by sisters Jennifer and Sandra Mapp, Kindred Essence blossomed from Jennifer's love of scented candles. She bought so many that one day, she considered crafting her own. After doing her research and learning all she could, she ordered wax, fragrance oils, etc., and began making candles in her kitchen!

She began with container candles, giving some away as presents to delighted friends and family. Their enthusiastic feedback and suggestions convinced Jennifer to try her hand at selling her creations online and at regional fairs. After discussing the idea with Sandra, the two decided to go into business together. Since then, the siblings have been bringing their singular yet classy style to handcrafted candles, and have broadened their product line to include pillars, handmade soaps, and body butters.

Jennifer and Sandra

Who We Are

Jennifer (left) is the creative force of Kindred Essence, concocting delightfully evocative aromas and handcrafting most of the products. Not to be outdone, Sandra applies her business savvy and keen eye to help design the lineup while simultaneously spearheading sales and marketing efforts.


Pride of Barbados - National Flower

 Our Inspiration

Raised in New York, we are now long-term New Jersey residents. However, as kids born on the Caribbean paradise of Barbados, we were strongly inspired by our mother and late grandmother. They instilled within us a commitment to family and a strong work ethic.

Our mom, a top-notch knitter and seamstress, made much of our clothing in our youth. Even now, into her 90s, she diligently knits every day, creating stunning works of art for her friends and family. As children, whenever we were ill, our grandma and mom treated us with homemade remedies - despite their unpalatable tastes, these potions always provided us comfort!

Both our grandmother and mom were great cooks and bakers; and our gran also churned her own butter. We can recall massaging oil into Gran's scalp – natural handmade coconut or castor oil. She never used any processed store-bought products. Our exposure to handmade, natural products began in these childhood memories.

Barbados is alive with vivid colors and captivating aromas. Its azure ocean waters, sandy white beaches, and verdant foliage provide a visual feast for the eyes, while its captivating floral and plant life fill the air with the most inspiring fragrances. Its natural wonders are a source of creative fuel for us, and we show our appreciation by incorporating the beautiful island colors into our products, our website, and even our product packaging design. Our Bajan Breeze and Paradise soy candles are just two examples of how we bring the island's sensory experience into our products.

Bajan Breeze Tropical Soy Candle

 Our Mission

At Kindred Essence, we are passionate about utilizing organic, natural ingredients in our bath and body products. That's why we source USDA Certified Organic oils and Shea Butter, harvested sustainably, and purchased from Fair-Trade Cooperatives for our soaps and body butters. We ensure our products are free from phthalates and parabens— using only oils will do nothing but nourish and moisturize the skin!

Our mission is to deliver candles and natural bath and body products that uplifts with vibrant colors and the fragrances of nature; produced in a socially responsible manner. KE's colorful, strongly scented candles make a bold statement. They infuse rooms with pops of color and ambiance, adding character to any decor.