Mellow Mood Organic Body Butter

$ 25.00

Our organic body butter rapidly penetrates skin to deeply hydrate and revitalize. A blend of organic shea butter, coconut, and jojoba oils; and Vitamin E helps the hydrating process, infusing skin with beneficial emollients that restore moisture levels and help to sustain the skins natural oil balance. Its delightful fragrance of orange marmalade, tamarind and honey will leave you feeling fresh and pampered.

Key Features

• No chemical preservatives - parabens

• No artificial colorants or phthalates

• Scented with pure essential oils

• Approximately 4 ounces - 113 grams

• Handmade with USDA Certified Organic butters and oils grown and produced in sustainable environments

•  Melts on contact and is easily absorbed into the skin without leaving a greasy residue.

• Excellent moisturizer for those problem areas like your elbow and heels—leaving them feeling silky soft

For centuries, women in sub-Saharan Africa have applied shea butter to their skin to combat the harsh effects of the sun and preserve its youthful glow. We have combined the advantages of shea with organic coconut and jojoba oils to create a premium body butter that acts as a powerful emollient to restore moisture and replenish the skin. The inclusion of vitamin E, and its antioxidant properties, further helps to sustain the skin's natural oil balance.

Massage thoroughly into hands after washing, or body after bath.