Coming up with the name for a new product is never easy. Any name must be descriptive— saying something about the product while also fitting into our brand strategy. It also must be a name that will appeal to our target audience. In our case, it also must be one that both Jennifer and I can agree on. And so today, we’re starting a regular feature called “Behind the Name,” where we briefly discuss how and why we came up with the names for our products. First up is our Brigantine soy candle and soap for men.

Brigantine Soy Candle for Men

Candles are often named after the fragrance notes used in the product. Some of our candles are aptly named in this manner. However, when deciding on the names for the new soy candles for men from our Mawuli Men’s Collection, we knew that in addition to capturing and symbolizing the fragrances, we also wanted names that conveyed strength, an adventurous spirit, and a love of new experiences. 

For some of the candles, we also knew that there would be an accompanying soap bar and so we needed names that worked for both products. We also preferred names that had not been used before.

The candles in this new line run the gamut from light and herbal to earthy and mysterious scents. After considering many different names for the new candle, which is scented with fragrances sourced from different parts of the world, we decided on Brigantine.

Named for the two-masted sailing vessel once popular with pirates who sailed the seven seas, we think Brigantine perfectly captures the mood of both our candle and soap…strong and enticing with a multitude of evocative fragrances from distant lands—a name worthy of a man with a spirit for adventure.

Exotic and earthy saffron fused with white tea; embers of tobacco leaf mingling with the mysterious sensuality of orchids all folded into lush and creamy almond milk, and the sweet warm notes of vanilla and tonka beans.

Brigantine sounds just about right, don’t you think?


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