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Pamper the senses from the comfort of home with heartwarming seasonal candles, soaps, and body butters from this sister-run small business.

In our Featured Shop series, we shine a light on a standout shop from Etsy’s talented seller community, offering readers a behind-the-scenes look at their process and story.

Even on your average day, between all the scheduling, shopping lists, cooking meals, and calling on friends, finding a few precious moments to devote to your own wellbeing isn’t always easy. So especially as we enter the whirlwind season of holiday prep, sisters and scent experts Sandra and Jennifer Mapp—co-owners of New Jersey-based shop Kindred Essence—are here to remind you that when it comes to giving yourself the gift of self-care, there’s truly no time like the present. “We believe people should pamper their bodies and their senses,” explains Sandra. “At the end of the work day, you can light one of our candles, lather up with our soap in the tub, and then get out and moisturize your skin with some hydrating body butter.”

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Mocha Chocolata Soy Candle



Indulge the senses with sumptuous decadent luxury home fragrance soy candle. Ya Ya!



October 15, 2023
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